acronymes et abbreviations AIX

Creation: 29 aout 2013
Mise à jour:
Version: 1.0
Author: Jean-Louis Bicquelet-Salaün
Copyright: (c) 2013 Jean-Louis BICQUELET-SALAÜN

Abbreviations et Acronymes

J'ai réuni ici un lot d'abbréviations et d'acronymes relatifs à AIX et aux systèmes associés. En espérant que cela sera utile.

ACL Access Controll List
AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive (Advanced IBM uniX)
APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report
ASM Advanced System Management
BOS Base Operating System
CAD Computer Aided Design
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CDRFS CD-ROM File System
CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform
CIFS Common Internet File System
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing
CMP Chip Multi Processing
CPIO CoPy Input to Output
CWS Controll Work Station
CuDv Customized Devices object class (ODM)
DARPA Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAT Digital Audio tape
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DD Device to Device
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DNS Domain Name Service
EA Extended Attributes
HACMP High Availability Cluster Multi Processing
HMC Hardware Management Console
HPF High Performance FORTRAN
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IBM International Business Machines
IBM International Business Machines
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ISA Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society
ISB Intermediate Switch Boards
ISMP InstallShield Multi-Platform
JFS Journaled File System
JFS2 Enhanced Journaled File System
LAN Local Area Network
LFT Low Function Terminal
LPAR Logical PARtition
LPP Licensed Program Product
LTG Logical Track Group
LTO Linear tape Operation
LUN Logical Unit Number
LV Logical Volume
LVCB Logical Volume Control Block
LVDD Logical Volume Device Driver
LVM Logical Volume Manager
MCA Micro Channel Bus Architecture
ML Maintenance Level
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPP Massively Parallel Processing
MWC Mirror Write Consistency
NAS Network Area Storage (by NFS)
NBPI Number of Bytes Per Inode
NCS Network Computing System
NFS Network File System
NIM Network Installation Manager
NIS Network Information Service
NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Access
NVRAM NonVolatile Random Access Memory
ODM Object Data Manager Database
P2SC POWER2 Super Chips
PB PetaBytes (1 PB is equal to 1024 TB)
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDT Performance Diagnostic Tool
PING Packet InterNet Gropher
POWER Performance Optimized With Enhanced RISC
POWER Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC (processeur IBM)
PP Physical Partition
PPA parallel Port Adapter
PReP POWERPC Reference Platform
PSSP Parallel System Support Programs
PTF Program Temporary Fix
PUN Physical Unit Number
PV Physical Volume
PVID Physical Volume IDentifier
PVM Parallel Virtual Machine
PdDv Predefined Devices object class (ODM)
QIC Quarter Inch Catridge
RAS Releability Availability Serviceability
RFC Request For Comments
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing
RMC Resource Monitoring and Controll
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPM Red Hat Package Manager
RSCT Really Scalable ( RS6000) Cluster Technology
RSH Restricted SHell
SAK Secure Authentication Key
SAN Storage Area Network
SCSI Small computer Simple Interface
SDR System Data Depository
SMIT System Management Interface Tool
SMP Symmetric Multi Processing
SMS System Management Services
SRC System Resource Controler
SSH Secured SHell
SWVPD Software Vital Product Data
TAR Tape ARchive
TB TeraBytes (1 TB is equal to 1024 GB)
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet protocol
TCTL Tape ConTroL
UDFS Universal Disk Format Specification
UDI Uniform Device Interface
VG Volume Group
VGDA Volume Group Description Area
VGSA Volume Group Status Area
VPD Vital Product Data
WAN Wide Area Network
WPAR Workload Partitions
WSM Web based System management